In the News: World’s Largest Hog Sculpture in Dothan

World’s Largest Hog Sculpture in Dothan

It’s time to go hog wild! The Peanut Capital of the World is famous for something other than nuts. In fact, the World’s Largest Hog Sculpture in Dothan is officially a world record!  

About the World’s Largest Hog Sculpture in Dothan

This roadside attraction isn’t one that is easy to miss since the World’s Largest Hog Sculpture in Dothan stands about 13 feet high and is about 26 feet long.

Originally built in 1967 by Larry and Ronald Godwin, the scrap metal hog was used for advertising. Now, according to the World Record Academy, the huge hog sets the world record for the largest hog sculpture!

Now, the steel sculpture belongs to Schnitzer Southeast Scrap Metal Recycling and is affectionately known as “Schnitzer the Pig.”  Like the Dothan Peanuts Around Town, Schnitzer is basically a local celebrity. 

Locals and travelers alike are encouraged to honk at the giant pig whenever they pass by. And true to his roots, Schnitzer still works in advertising, proudly promoting, “This pig pays more for scrap metal.”

More about Schnitzer the Pig

Another fun fact about Schnitzer the Pig is each year he gets a fresh coat of paint. Each year, the colors are determined by the winner of the Iron Bowl. Currently, Schnitzer is crimson. But that could all change on Saturday, November 25th. 

And, finally, did we mention Schnitzer started out with a moving head back in the 1960s? If that’s not the whole hog, we don’t know what is! 

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Make your way to Ross Clark Circle to find the World’s Largest Hog Sculpture in Dothan. More specifically, Schnitzer the Pig is located on the east side of Ross Clark Circle and the Highway 41 beltway, just outside the scrap metal yard. 


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