In the News: Phase One of Dothan’s City Center Project

phase one of Dothan's City Center project

Have you noticed a few recent changes around Saint Andrews Street? What you are seeing is phase one of Dothan’s City Center project officially underway!

About Phase One of Dothan’s City Center Project

Last month, phase one of Dothan’s City Center project started with the demolition of the old Dothan utility collections building. With the building cleared away, the groundwork for phase one begins with utility work on the Saint Andrews site.

This will be home to a future events plaza. The events plaza will include a shade structure, outdoor dining with water features and an amphitheater. For now, the plan is to start construction on the building during phase one of the project this summer.

More about Phase One

According to reports, phase one of Dothan’s City Center project is twofold. The second aspect of phase one moves right next door to the Dothan Opera House.

While the historic building will not be demolished, it will undergo major renovations starting in September. In fact, this summer will be your last chance to enjoy an event at the Dothan Opera House before construction begins. As of now, the last performance in the existing opera house is set for August.

Renovation plans for the Dothan Opera House include modernizing it and building an addition that will be used for pre- and post-function activities. What’s more, the current parking lot between the opera house and Main Street will become a new opera house plaza!

You can find out more specifics about the upcoming renovations to the opera house here. If all goes according to plan, phase one will be finished by the spring of 2025.

Can’t wait until then to see the finished project? Take a look at a digital rendering of phase one now!


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