In the News: New Police Academy in Dothan

new police academy in Dothan

Providing skill and knowledge, the new police academy in Dothan is here to give officers what they need to perform their duties. Keep reading to learn more about the Wiregrass Law Enforcement Academy.

About the Wiregrass Law Enforcement Academy

The Wiregrass Law Enforcement Academy is a new regional police academy under the direction of APOSTC and the leadership of Col. Jimmy Helms, Academy Director.

Working closely with local and state agencies, this new police academy in Dothan is a symbol of commitment to providing the best possible training for law enforcement officers, according to Dothan Police Chief Will Benny.

Located at the Wiregrass Public Safety Center, the Wiregrass Law Enforcement Academy will strive to lay and build upon “a foundation of excellence,” according to their website.

Since opening its doors, the Public Safety Center has been visited by 3,500 first responders and civilians from all over. And now, with this newest addition of the Wiregrass Law Enforcement Academy, that number will surely increase.

More about the Wiregrass Law Enforcement Academy

This 23-acre, state-of-the-art training facility will help train police, fire, emergency medical personnel, other first responders and community members.

Facilities include classrooms, a K-9 facility, a drill tower, a skills pad, a teach-me-house and many more.

The inaugural class begins on May 22 and will be followed by a second one in August. This is a 14-week program of rigorous training and extensive classroom curriculum. Candidates who complete this program will become certified as law enforcement officers.


And this is just the beginning. This new police academy in Dothan hopes to be able to expand in the coming years and begin offering three classes of trainees per year.

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