In the News: Renovations to the Historic Dothan Opera House

renovations to the historic Dothan Opera House

Upcoming renovations to the historic Dothan Opera House are sure to leave visitors with something to sing about!

What to expect

Planned renovations to the historic Dothan Opera House will kick-off the revitalization of the Dothan City Center.

According to reports, the proposed renovations could cost up to $15 million when all is said and done. However, for now, the city approved a $9 million budget.

The upgrades should not affect the historic value, charm and elements of the opera house, which was built in 1915.

The proposed renovations to the historic Dothan Opera House include improvements to lighting, the audio-visual system and the back-of-the-house as well as a state-of-the-art HVAC system.

But the biggest addition will be a larger lobby and event space that will be on the south side of building.

What’s next?

The renovations to the Dothan Opera House will start with a thorough design process. In fact, that process alone could take up to a year.

Once the designs and plans are approved, construction should begin. As of now, officials are estimating the actual construction phase will last about a year-and-a-half. During that time, the opera house will be closed.

More about the Dothan Opera House

Did you know the Atlanta Symphony used to visit the Dothan Opera House to record their records? That’s what it says on the website!

This cultural center in Dothan is also on the National Register of Historic Buildings. For now, the beautiful 590-seat theater will continue to host an array of events including concerts, recitals and other performances.


The Dothan Opera House is located in historic downtown at 115 N. Saint Andrews St. That’s only about three miles from us, which equals about a 10-minute drive!

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