In the News: Crumbl Cookies in Dothan

Crumbl Cookies in Dothan

How many cookie flavors have you tried? Sure, you may call yourself a cookie fan, but it’s almost time to level up. After all, Crumbl Cookies features more than a hundred flavors—and counting. If you’ve heard of them, but don’t live near a location, we have good news. In the future, there will be a Crumbl Cookies in Dothan at the Westway Shopping Center. Keep eating—uh, we mean reading—for more info.

About Crumbl Cookies

Big cookies and big flavors are coming to town at Crumbl Cookies in Dothan.

Cousins Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan started their flavorful business in 2017 in Utah. In the years since, they’ve seen it thrive with more than 300 tasty locations. Our state is one of 36 proud places to host at least one Crumbl Cookies, too.

Why might they be so successful? The taste and size of the cookies is pretty convincing. All bakers know that variety is the spice of life—a mantra that Crumbl Cookies seems to have taken to heart. Each week, it switches out its menu, giving you four or five unique flavors to devour. So, if you see something that sounds good, grab it before it’s gone!

 On the Menu

We did a little research on the delicious flavors Crumbl Cookies has featured in the past. From seasonal faves, to classics, to big twists, here are some of the cookies they’ve sold:

  • Pecan pie;
  • Rocky road;
  • Peppermint bark;
  • Blueberry muffin;
  • Birthday cake;
  • Key lime pie;
  • Cornbread;
  • Snickerdoodle;
  • Chilled sugar cookies with pink icing;
  • And, of course, their milk chocolate chip cookies, which never leave the weekly menu.

See their rotating menu here.

Fun fact! You can also choose a few scoops of ice cream to go with your order. After all, it’s basically just extra cold milk, isn’t it? So, it makes the perfect pairing!

Ice cream flavors include raspberry cheesecake, brownie fudge, and vanilla bean.

Visiting details

Good things come to those who wait—like cookies! Crumbl Cookies in Dothan doesn’t have an official opening date yet. However, when it does welcome new customers, you can find it next to Five Guys in Westway Shopping Center on West Main Street.


Life will be sweeter than ever once we have a new Crumbl Cookies in Dothan. No matter if you opt for four cookies or an even dozen, you know that they won’t last long. Yum!

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