In the News: Ice Skating in Downtown Dothan

Ice Skating in Downtown Dothan

Winter isn’t the same without traditions! From baking cookies, to spending time with family, to making snowmen (an especially memorable endeavor in the South), we all have our favorites. Well, this season, you can also add ice skating to the list! Currently, the Wadlington Park Ice Rink is in development, just in time for ice skating in Downtown Dothan towards the end of 2021. Will you lace on your skates?

About the new rink

In Alabama, we try to make good use of the very small amount of snow we get. And ice to skate on? You can go your whole life without seeing it. However, Dothan residents don’t have to miss out on the fun—and it’s all because of the upcoming rink.

When you go ice skating in Downtown Dothan, this season look out for the lights! This venue will also sport holiday decorations and bright lights, with seasonal music playing.

Creating the rink

With the help of Saliba Construction, this cool new rink plans to open in November 2021. The company was awarded a $191,000 bid to set up and operate the venue. Local business will also be involved in sponsorships—which means the vendors can pass on the savings to visitors.

Skate rental

Ask a Dothan resident if they have skates, and the closest they’ll have to offer is a pair of roller skates. It’s not our fault—it’s just the weather around here!

Don’t worry though! If you don’t have a pair of ice skates, you can still visit the upcoming rink in Dothan. They allow visitors to rent pairs!

Visiting details

You’ll only have six weeks to visit the Wadlington Park Ice Rink before it closes! It will welcome visitors from November 26 to January 9—so don’t forget to check it out. At the moment, admission costs have yet to be announced, but they will apply.

Fun fact! The rink will also be open seven days a week.

Finally, you can find it at Wadlington Park on North Foster Street. See you there!


We know, we know—it’s only October! But honestly, with something as exciting as ice skating in Downtown Dothan, we can’t help but plan ahead. Can’t it just be winter already?

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