Happening Now: Ross Clark Circle Road Widening Project

Ross Clark Circle Road Widening Project

No one ever said the road to improvement was the in the fast lane. But there’s good news for Dothan residents! The Ross Clark Circle Road Widening Project continues to forge ahead morning, noon and occasionally overnight with Phase 2 progressing as planned.

The Update

The ongoing Alabama Department of Transportation Ross Clark Circle Road Widening Project began construction in 2019 with Phase 1. By 2020, Phase 1 was completed, and Phase 2 was already underway. Currently, this phase is projected to be completed sometime this fall.

To recap, Phase 2 included the addition of lanes on Ross Clark Circle from south of US Highway 84 to south of Meadowbrook Drive. Plus, it included additional lanes from US Highway 84 from Bel Aire Drive to North Englewood Avenue.

This phase also created triple left turn lanes onto Highway 84 to help move traffic more efficiently. The city’s latest update confirmed work on medians, islands, storm drains as well as grading and curbing on Ross Clark Circle and West Main is on schedule.

Completion on these sections should be wrapped up by the end of this month. Additional paving, curbing, grading and such on Honeysuckle and Westgate are moving along accordingly as well.

For the latest updates and traffic concerns, visit www.dothan.org.

What’s Next

According to reports, up next for the Ross Clark Circle Road Widening Project is Phase 3. Bids are projected for November or December 2021. Construction would be set to start in the spring of 2022.

To clarify, Phase 3 picks up the expansion and roadwork at Meadowbrook Drive. It will continue to North Cherokee Avenue and includes work on the Montgomery Highway intersection. It has a two-year projected completion timeline.


The Circle City is no stranger to orange cones and growth! As Ross Clark Circle continues to widen and pave the way for smooth travels, newcomers are welcome to make their way to affordable living at Summer Wood Apartment Homes! For more community news and events, continue to read our blogs!