In the News: New Virtual School in Dothan

new virtual school in Dothan

Students and parents responded to a survey about educational preferences months ago. Those preferences included strong support for an alternate learning option. Now, plans for a new virtual school in Dothan are moving forward.

The Movement

Dothan City Schools (DCS) approved the 2021-2022 academic plan in November 2020. The plan is called “The Movement.” It consists of a three-part strategy. The new virtual school in Dothan is one component of The Movement.

Besides the virtual school, The Movement consists of the addition of a freshman academy to help with overcrowding  and a two-strand curriculum. But the new virtual school in Dothan is stealing the show.

A recent article on stated that Alabama requires a minimum virtual school enrollment of 250 students. The new virtual school in Dothan has a projected enrollment of 536 students. The virtual school option is available to any DCS 7th-12th grade student for the 2021-2022 school year.

Plans for the Virtual School

Staffing the virtual school is currently underway. Dothan’s virtual school will offer flexibility with structure, so it is a good option for many families. The curriculum is focused on providing the same rigorous and relevant instruction that in-person teaching offers.

The virtual students will receive live instruction from DCS teachers. Both one-on-one tutoring and instruction will be available. Remote learning benefits include a student-set pace and individualized teaching.


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