10 Benefits of Living at Summerwood Townhomes

benefits of living at Summerwood Townhomes

Finding a new place to live isn’t just something that you do on a whim. It requires research and careful consideration. After all, each of us has specific needs, tastes, and budgets to consider. If you’re looking for an affordable, spacious place to call your own, we may have just the ticket. Want to learn more? Follow us as we list some of the amazing benefits of living at Summerwood Townhomes.

On-Site Storage

Each patio is connected to an on-site storage closet. That means you have a place to put holiday decorations, tools for your potted garden, and more.

A Daily Newspaper

Did you know that we offer a daily newspaper? It’s free for all residents, so that you can stay connected to the world around you.

Monthly Pest Control

Another one of the benefits of living at Summerwood Townhomes is our helpful monthly pest control. You’ll never have to worry about calling up an exterminator—or paying a chunk of cash—because we handle it all for you.

Basic Expanded Cable

We include basic expanded cable in all units. So, say good-bye to the bill and kick back to watch the shows you love.

Pet-Friendly Apartments

Life isn’t the same without our pets! Your cats and dogs are also valued residents at Summerwood Townhomes. Contact us for breed approval and pay a one-time pet fee per pet. You’re allowed to have up to two furry friends in your townhome too!

Washer/Dryer Connections

Heading over to the laundromat with a basket of over-flowing clothes can get tiresome. Cut the trek out of your week and get used to convenience with our washer/dryer connections.

A Swimming Pool

Summer is all about time spent at the pool. Residents are welcome to cool off in ours! Just remember to follow the rules of social distancing when you visit.


Sitting down with a glass of lemonade. Growing herbs and flowers in a potted garden. Enjoying a dinner out among the stars. The possibilities are endless with our patios!

Affordable Leasing Options

Currently, we offer two affordable leasing options. Residents can choose between a $630 a month 12-month lease or a $655 a month six-month lease, finding the price and duration that suits their needs.

Routine Landscaping

Summerwood Townhomes doesn’t just come with a cozy little backyard—it also includes routine landscaping. Enjoy the beautiful sight from your patio!


Sure, townhomes in general are great, but Summerwood Townhomes are even better! If you adore the benefits of living at Summerwood Townhomes just as much as we do, send in your application online. Plus, visit our blog for more on our community and our hometown, Dothan, AL.