8 Rose Colors and What They Symbolize

Rose Colors and What they Symbolize

Roses are red, violets are blue—wait a minute, that may not be completely true! Roses do come in red, but they bloom in other colors too. Before you say “better off red,” let’s go through a few rose colors and what they symbolize. Some might just surprise you!


The red rose. A reflector of passion, it’s one of the most recognizable of rose colors and what they symbolize. Red roses are most recognizably linked with love, beauty, and romance.


Yellow roses stir feelings of joy. Their bright complexion reminds us of friendship and good times together.


What venues come to mind when you think of white roses? Weddings, for one. The white rose evokes purity, grace, and charm. White roses call upon feelings of fresh starts and new beginnings.


Pretty pink. Pink roses arouse attributes such as happiness, kindness, and gentleness. Out of the rose rainbow, it’s one of the most tender of rose colors and what they symbolize.


To show your appreciation, give a bouquet of peach roses. Peach roses express gratitude and thankfulness.


Red roses’ cousin, orange roses brim with energy. Declare your passion with a bouquet of orange roses—their fiery pedals may just elicit a reciprocal response.


Vibrant and full of life, green roses reflect just that. Cheerfulness springs forth from green roses’ hue.


Lavender roses send a romantic message of “I love you.” These roses also indicate a desire to grow a relationship.


Roses are sometimes red—and other times a different hue. Gifting your special someone with a bouquet of roses can show them how much you mean to them. We hope this color guide helps you pick the sentiments you wish to convey this Valentine’s Day!

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