This Month: Gardens Aglow 2019 at Dothan Area Botanical Gardens

Gardens Aglow 2019

Christmas lights are a spectacle to be enjoyed. During the holiday season, they speckle Christmas trees and sparkle outside house fronts. In Dothan, Christmas lights even grace the gardens in a month-long exhibition: Gardens Aglow 2019.

A Light Show in the Gardens

There’s never a dull moment in Dothan, especially during the holidays. This time of year, the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens light up with the beauty of Christmas. At Gardens Aglow 2019, you can wind through the paths in a sight-seeing frenzy that will leave you feeling extra festive. Hot chocolate and cookie booths will also dot the grounds, and these goodies are absolutely free!

Don’t want to leave the dog at home alone? You don’t have to! Gardens Aglow 2019 is completely pet-friendly, as long as your pooch likes people and you bring along a doggie bag with you for easy cleanup. Santa will also be onsite, listening to children’s Christmas wishes!

Enjoying Gardens Aglow 2019 will be easy—you’ll enter through the Smith Botanical Center, pick up some cocoa and cookies, and travel through the gardens. Virtually accessible to anyone, you can travel on foot, with a wagon or stroller, and more. However, skateboards, bicycles, and roller blades are not permitted.

Ticket Information

You can purchase tickets for Gardens Aglow 2019 at the door. For adults, the ticket price is $8. Children aged 8 and under enter free—along with dogs!

You can enjoy the gardens (and their holiday trimmings) on the nights of Dec. 13, 20, and 27 from 5 to 8 p.m. The walkthrough of the gardens should take you no longer than an hour; however, that could change depending on how long you snack and sightsee. Admission to the gardens will end promptly at 7:30 p.m. each night.


Dothan has something for us all, and even more so during this special season. That’s something that we have in common with Dothan. We also have something for everyone—when it comes to apartment living. Look through our website to find out why our apartments answer your Christmas wish list. Plus, check back with our blog to see what all we, and Dothan, can do for you!