8 Murals to See in Downtown Dothan

murals to see in Downtown Dothan

Downtown Dothan remains a beloved spot for residents. Still, how much do you know about the art there? Next time you come on over for a bit of fun, don’t forget to check out these murals to see in Downtown Dothan.

Women of the Wiregrass

Our amazing city is so great because of all the contributions that residents have made. This mural by Cheryl Mann shows gratitude to all the awesome women who make up our community and help it thrive.

Salute to the Peanut Industry

When you think of the peanut industry, what state do you think of? Though it has its roots in Georgia, it’s also an Alabama staple. That’s why this cool mural by Bruce Ricketts and Susan Tooke celebrates the peanut industry!

Johnny Mack Brown

Dothan is home to its very own celebrity: Johnny Mack Brown. Our town continues to celebrate him by giving him his very on mural by Bruce Ricketts. Though he started out as a halfback for the University of Alabama, he soon transitioned into the musical world, where he became a popular country performer. You may also know him as the “singing cowboy!”

Salute to Fort Rucker

People all over Alabama know about Fort Rucker! This mural shows our appreciation for the infantrymen, as well as images of the natural beauty in the area. Wes Hardin created this mural.

Fort Scott: Protector of the Wiregrass

Another one of the many marvelous murals to see in Downtown Dothan is Fort Scott: Protector of the Wiregrass. It depicts the fort, which was constructed in 1816, and important people from its history. Can you recognize any of them from your textbooks? Wes Hardin also created this mural too!

Wiregrass Contemporary Music

Completed in 2009, the Wiregrass Contemporary Music mural is a big deal! Painted by Wes Hardin, it features Wiregrass musicians like Buddy Buie, Martha Reeves, and Ray Charles.

Tribute to Sherman Rose

Dothan citizens know about Sherman Rose’s impact in the field of flight. Born in Dothan, he soared to great heights in the military in World War II. The mural by Wes Hardin shows Rose during different stages of his life, including when he made history as the very first African-American flight instructor at famous Fort Rucker.

Wildlife in the Wiregrass

In Dothan, you can see all kinds of wildlife—real and on the murals! Eagles, frogs, ducks, and more adorn this piece of art by Eddie Leroy.


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